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  Name  Huang, Yu-Chuan Certificates International Control, Big Data Seeded Teacher, Financial Technology Seeded Teacher
 Title  Chairman of Accounting Information Dept. Associate Professor Experience Chairman of Accounting and Taxation Department, Shih-Chien University. Hwa Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.
 Highest Academic Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction with concurrent degree in Educational Leadership and Administration, Pennsylvania State University. Office T1020
 Research Field Cost and Management Accounting, Corporate Governance, Performance Management, Educational Cost and Budgeting, Education Finance, Educational Management Extension No. 5500
 jenhuang@stust.edu.tw more
Name  Hung, Chung-WenCertificatesSAP BPERP SAP ERP for Financial Accounting Module
Title Chairman of Accounting Information Dept. ProfessorExperienceAssistant Professor of Finance Department, Kainan University Auditor, KPMG
Highest Academic Degree Doctor of Financial Management, National Chengchi UniversityOffice T0915
Research FieldFinancial Management,Project on Company Finance, Enterprise Resource PlanningExtension No. 5000
E-mail cwhung@mail.stust.edu.twmore
  Name  Hsueh, Chien-Hung Certificates Certified Public Accountant
 Title Associate Professor ExperienceAuditor, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Taiwan
 Highest Academic DegreeDoctor of Accounting, National Chengchi University Office T0938
 Research FieldManagement Accounting, Accounting,Financial Statement Analysis Extension No. 8138
 E-mail d123d@mail.stust.edu.tw more
   Name  Wei, Hui-Shan Certificates ERP Application Engineer
  Title  Associate Professor Experience Ta-Chong Securities Company
 Highest Academic DegreeMaster, Department of Finance, National Chung-Hsing University  PhD, Department of Finance, National Central University Office T1228
 Research Field Corporate finance Extension No. 8428
 E-mail hswei@mail.stust.edu.tw more
Name Lin, Yi-Hua CertificatesERP Application Engineer for Distribution Module Certiport IC3
Title Assistant Professor ExperienceLecturer, Southern Taiwan University
Highest Academic DegreeDoctor of Accounting, National Cheng Kung UniversityOfficeT1105
Research FieldFinancial Accounting, Accounting Education, Management AccountingExtension No. 8305
Name Lu, Zhao-XianCertificates Certified Senior Securities Specialist
Title Assistant ProfessorExperienceAdministration Center of Chi Mei Hospital Certified Financial Planner, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
Highest Academic DegreeDoctor of Business Administration, National Chung Cheng UniversityOffice T1236
Research FieldFinancial management, financial accounting, financial statement analysis, medical institutes costExtension No. 8405
 Name Tsai, Zong-YiCertificatesCertified Taiwan Internal Auditor Certified Taiwan Accountant
Title Assistant ProfessorExperience Team Director of Deloitte & Touche
Highest Academic DegreeDoctor of Accounting Group of Institute of Management, National Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyOffice T0944
Research FieldAuditing, financial accounting, governmental accounting, practice in tax preparation and filingExtension No. 8144
E-mail tsungyi@mail.stust.edu.tw more
 Name Hsu, Shu-LingCertificates 
Title Assistant ProfessorExperience Lecturer of Far East University
Highest Academic DegreeDoctor of Graduate Institute of Accountancy, National Cheng Kung UniversityOffice T0944-1
Research Field Financial accounting, corporate financeExtension No. 8194

 Name  Wu, Tsung-Hao Certificates Seed teacher of Tian-yi supply chain cash flow; Seed teacher of Ding-xin ERP; Seed teacher of Ding-xin BI-EIS
 Title  Assistant Professor Experience Full-time assistant of Taiwan Finance Association
 Highest Academic Degree Doctor of Graduate Institute of Finance, National Chengchi University Office T0945
  Research FieldBusiness intellectual property, venture capital investment, corporate finance Extension No. 8145
 E-mail thwu@mail.stust.edu.tw more
 Name Ho, Wei-TeCertificates Certified Taiwan Accountant; Certified Taiwan Internal Auditor; Certified International Internal Auditor; ERP Application Engineer
Title Assistant ProfessorExperience Acting Director of Zhi-yuan Accounting Firm
Highest Academic DegreePhD. Graduate Institute of Accountancy, National Cheng Kung UniversityOffice T0945-1
Research FieldFinancial accounting, auditing software, auditingExtension No. 8195
 E-mail garryho@mail.stust.edu.twmore
  Name  Lin, Yin-Shu Certificates Certified Taiwan Accountant
 Title  Lecturer Experience Acting manager of an accounting firm; Accountant of Accounting Office of Guan-liEngineering
 Highest Academic Degree Master of Institute of International Business, National Cheng Kung University Office T0944-1
 Research Field Financial accounting, economics Extension No. 8194
 yinshu@mail.stust.edu.tw more