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Establishing a complete accounting information system:

         The department has purchased professional accounting software (sales tax, general ledger, cost analysis, withheld income tax on wage, firm registration, tax claim, and income tax integration), ERP, BI, and ACL among others.  Teachers will make operation manually  to ensure students have practical abilities.  The department also holds certification exams in related systems to enhance students’ proficiency in information technology.

Strengthening tax practices training:

The department invites experts from  industry to give speeches on the latest issues such as the introduction on profit-seeking enterprise income tax on non-arm’s length transfer pricing, investment tax credit, introduction and comparison of five-year tax exemption, and practice of sales tax on triangular trade among others.

Projects in academic-industry cooperation:

        Taking advantages of the school’s location near to Tainan Science and Technology Industrial Park, and the Yung Kang Industrial Park, the department offers students accounting information  internship opportunities in these two locations.